Agricultural buildings

Steel buildings are commonly used in the agricultural industry. They can be used for a wide variety of applications. There are many advantages of steel buildings: cost effective, aesthetic, environmentally friendly (can be re-used), steel construction is a fast method of construction, easily expandable in the future. The most popular size of agricultural building is 400-1000 square meters. Buildings are 8-30m wide, eave height is 4-5m and roof ridge height is 6-8m.

Application examples

  • storage of agricultural products
  • garages for agricultural machinery
  • stables
  • barns
  • sheds
  • other

Primary steel structure

The primary structure of the building consists of a rafters and columns. Steel members are made from welded steel plates or from a hot-rolled sections. The columns and beams are joined by bolts during assembly on site. All components are protected against corrosion by painting.


The walls framework usually consists of light steel sections or timber beams. For steel members, sections are cold roll-formed from galvanized steel strip of 1.2 to 3.0 mm thickness. The galvanizing (zinc layer) provides excellent durability. The wall cladding is made from steel sheet panels available in a range of colors.


The roof framework consists of a light galvanized cold formed steel members. Where no insulation is required the single skin sheeting is used for roof cladding. If there is a risk of condensation and dripping-water within the cladding, sheeting should have anti-condensation coating applied to the underside.

Drainage System

It’s important to ensure proper drainage system of the roof. Gutters and downspouts carry water from the roof away from the building, protecting the cladding system and the foundation.


Optional accessory include: a skylight on the walls to provide natural daylight, a mezzanines to increase space of the building, an internal crane system.

Sample building

Hala Rolnicza Hala Rolnicza Hala Rolnicza
Building type non-insulated
Width 22,4m
Length 48m
Eave height 4,5m
Roof ridge height 7,5m
Roof pitch ~13° (23%)
Walls light galvanized steel sections / single skin sheeting
Roof light galvanized steel sections / single skin sheeting with anti-condensation coating
Gates 1pcs. / 4300mm x 4000mm
Doors 1pcs. / 1100mm x 2300mm